“FEEL PLANET EARTH” Cifial Design Award, is organized with the aim of promoting design, both as a culture, and as a tool, capable of proposing innovative solutions to man's approach to his social and natural environment.
The object of this contest is to promote the exchange of ideas and spread the values of design, offering new approaches to tasks products and services, visualizing, interpreting technologies, etc.
Its theme arises from the day-to-day concerns around the huge transformations that are presently taking place in our society economy culture and environment, and which the present paradigms seem to be unable to deal with.
The goal of this award is to identify and disseminate design contributions to help build a path towards sustainability on issues that we all face, and must urgently discuss.
It will be run on a two-phase selection based firstly on an Abstract submission and then a further development for those selected.
The theme for the 2008 Award will be the over-dependence on non- renewable sources of energy in the current pattern of development.
Any design work on this issue, whether a vehicle, a public transport service, a cooking device or a lighting system, a water pump or any other practical or theoretical contribution, as well as a synopsis from an MsC or PhD dissertation, can be proposed.
English will be the only accepted language for the competition.

Next 18 June, at Porto, Portugal, at the white room of the old Customs Building a public event will close the first edition of the Feel the Planet Earth Award. At that moment the final results will be disclosure and an exhibition of all the A2 posters presented to the second stage will be held to the public.
At that time we are going to have the opportunity to listen to Alexander Manu’s conference “The earth is your mirror” to assist to a debate on the theme between elements of the Jury and special guests and to know the theme for the next contest “Feel the Planet Earth ´10”.
Entrance is free but an online inscription is mandatory to guarantee simultaneous translation.
Relevant information on the Award will be distributed to participants.
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