Too change the present social, political strategical and climacteric circumstances implications of consumption, new good and services with a minor impact, will have to be implemented and proposed in order to gurantee scenarios of broader social equity and energetic sustainability.
Design can and should give an important contribution in what respects this issue, with the proposal of new usage forms, new approaching and solutions to artifacts and services capable of strengthening the new energetic and social paradigm.
“Feel the planet earth” will have a jury constituted by a number of elements representing the divers sensibilities, scientific formations and nationalities, capable of generating a dynamic and multifaceted evaluation of the proposals.
This diversity will ensure a uncompromising evaluation of the dominant paradigms and at the same time will allow new intercultural readings of the candidatures which are expected to open new paths and propose new solutions.
The Prize, that at the 2008 edition will have the value of 25.000 €, can exceptionally be handed over “ex-equo”, to two or even more candidates, with an equitable division of its value, and in addition commendations may be attributed, these however with no monetary retribution.
The handing over of the Prize, will occur in a public session with the intervention of the members of the jury, which may express their personal opinion on the issue in discussion, results obtained and its importance and contribution to the issue presented to discussion. At the same time will be held an exhibition of all finalist works presented to phase 2.

Opening / Disclosure – 22nd May 2008

Jury – October 2008

Registration - Phase 1 : 1st Nov - 31st Dec 2008

Results Disclosure- Phase 1 – until 15th February 2009

Registration - Phase 2 : until 15th March 2009

Results Disclosure- Phase 2 – until 30th April 2009

Award delivery public ceremony: until 31st July 2009 (place and exact date to be public during phase 2 results disclosure)


More information on the internacional jury members can be found in the above “Jury” menu

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